Mikelange Olbel, better known as Mr. Mike, is a native of Pompano Beach, Florida. His parents migrated from Haiti to take advantage of an opportunity for a better life in the United States and Mr. Mike became the youngest of their five beloved sons. Standing as the first and only person to graduate from college in his family, he truly believes that failure is not an option.

Mr. Mike graduated with Honors from University of Dubuque where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He specialized in the areas of Criminal Justice and Sociology, including a Minor in Psychology. As an academic scholar, Mr. Mike decided to attend graduate school at Iowa State University. He successfully graduated with Honors and obtained a Masters of Science degree specializing in Social Psychological Behavior, Public Relations and Management.

In 2010, Mr. Mike appeared on Iowa KCCI 8 News Network, Iowa State Daily newspapers and other media sources to help raise monetary aid and assisted in gathering clothing for the survivors of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. He volunteered with the American Red Cross in raising $30,000 for the relief efforts in Haiti. Throughout the years, Mr. Mike has received many awards and acknowledgements for his philanthropic work. He serves as a National Motivational Speaker, an Adjunct Professor, License Minister, and Youth Activist. He is a man of character, morals, and Godly principles.

After obtaining his education Mr. Mike decided to return to South Florida to continue his community empowerment efforts. Over the years, he has successfully coached and trained many individuals in the area of life skills planning across the US. Mr. Mike happens to be the most sought after youngest CEO in South Florida for his expertise to assist with preventing crime in the community.

Mr. Mike’s global vision is to conquer the challenges that our youth are facing in the home, schools, and society. Consequently, in 2012 he founded his organization called Team Saving Our Youth Inc. (Team SOY). Mr. Olbel knows that fostering and nurturing a relationship between parents, youth, and community members will have a lasting effect for generation to come. Team SOY believes and practices in cultivating our youth and community today for a healthy future tomorrow.

In 2014, Mr. Mike, was appointed by the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Secretary, Christy Daly, to serve on the Circuit Advisory Board for Broward County District 17th. This board assists DJJ in creating new initiatives and policies for Broward County juvenile justice system that will assist with reducing crime and help youth to become productive members of Broward County. Recently, Mr. Olbel appeared on BEACON TV, first invited by the CEO of the Children Service Council to appear on “Future First,” where Mr. Olbel was asked to give his perspective on the juvenile justice system and restorative justice as it concerns to youth and families. Additionally, Mr. Mike appeared on the New Haitian Generation special on to discuss his journey and success as he makes his transitions as first generation Haitian-American. Furthermore, The Westside Gazette Newspaper and Hot105 Radio highlighted Mr. Mike for the services towards bring awareness to HIV/AIDS.