In 2012, Mikelange Olbel, the founder and CEO of Team Saving Our Youth, Inc. (Team SOY) had a vision that the underprivileged and underemployed needed a cutting edge skills that will help change their circumstance and empower their future. This vision was shared with Kevin Brown, who was instrumental in the development and expansion of TEAM SOY. Both Mr. Olbel and Mr. Brown seen the opportunity and continue to work tirelessly to increase the odds for disadvantaged youth and underemployed parents of all races to become more productive and fulfilled members of our community, and of society as a whole, by establishing Team SOY here in Broward County, Miami Dade County and Palm Beach County.

What We Do

Team SOY is designed to provide youth with the knowledge, skills, experience, resources, and opportunities they need to create a better life for themselves. The services include but are not limited to: assessments, referrals, case management, family workshops, juvenile prevention, substance abuse, psycho-educational mentoring, Aggression Replacement Training (ART), life skills, community service learning, entrepreneurship, and job development. Upon completion of the curriculum and with appropriate referrals youth gain the social skills needed to have a healthy lifestyle as a teen and adult. These services can help the youth be an independent, well-rounded, socially acceptable individual who can make his/her own decisions and plan his/her own future.

Thriving With Impact Action

Team SOY understands there are social cancers destroying communities in poverty; however, we believe that utilizing “protective factor” to attack “risk factors” that have been identified within the child, family and community prior to the problem becoming pervasive and out of control. Through group and individual sessions, service projects, and career driven training, program participants will gain access to information and learn the skills necessary to be a productive members of society.

Together Everyone Achieve More!

Team SOY believes that fostering and nurturing relationships between the justices system, schools, parents, youths, and community members can go a long way. By planting a seed in our families, we envision conquering the challenges that our families face in the home, schools, and in the community. Team SOY believes a concentrated effort can produce results when appropriately applied. Dedication is not measured in numerical terms but rather in dedicated members of our community willing to work together for a greater purpose.